Windows 10 Blue

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by fabiofb
Windows 10 theme for XFCE/XFWM4 with blue title bar for active window. based on xoomoh's theme.
Score 60.0%
20 hours ago


Openbox Themes by zakariakov
oprbox theme purple color
Score 50.0%
Jul 14 2019

Ghost Nebula WindowMaker Theme 1.0

Window-Maker Themes by unxusr
Dark WindowMaker theme with colors inspired by the Ghost Nebula wallpaper (http://wallpaperswide.com/ghost_nebula-wallpapers.html). To install it just extract in your HOME directory.
Score 50.0%
Jul 13 2019

BlueObscure IceWM 1.0

Ice-WM Themes by luizfnunes
BlueObscure theme for IceWM. A theme in dark colors with blue as the highlight color. Install -Copy the BlueObscure folder to the local directory ~/.icewm/themes or to the system directory /usr/share/icewm/themes - Change the theme in IceWM menu or in the file theme, located in the...
Score 50.0%
Jul 13 2019

GNU's Not Unix Advanced Systems 2019.07.12-a

Fluxbox Themes by gnuhurder
GNU's Not Unix! Advanced Systems Based on LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and/or 'Star Trek: Voyager'. Features 'futuristic' round corners, and a lot of black. Colours used include (but not limited to) Indian red, dark orange, sky blue,...
Score 50.0%
Jul 12 2019

Marron 1.0

Openbox Themes by linux-green
This the "Marron" theme.
Score 50.0%
Jul 10 2019

Adwaita Custom Dark Retouch 1.0

Openbox Themes by hendra
Bismillah... Just retouch of https://www.pling.com/u/warleysouza/ Update with 3 sizes of titlebar, Lo, Reg and Hi Hope you like it...
Score 50.0%
Jul 11 2019

shinigami -jungle 1.1

Openbox Themes by purnomoshinigami
include gtk2 gtk3.0 gtk3.20 openbox build on oomox
Score 50.0%
Jul 09 2019

tech-console 1.1

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by purnomoshinigami
xfce4 theme xfwvm gtk2.0 including appereance color extact it to /usr/share/themes/
Score 50.0%
Jul 09 2019

GNU's Not Unix Classic Edition 2019.07.12-a

Fluxbox Themes by gnuhurder
GNU's Not Unix! Classic Edition (GNUCE) Panels Version GNUCE is throwback to the days of yore, aiming to bring that retro look to the modern era. Inspiration has come from 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past', 'Jurassic Park', IRIX v4, and Tetris. Bevelled: Button icons are bevelled....
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Score 50.0%
Jul 12 2019