Moonlight 1

Cursors by darkeye90
Definition: ############# Moonlight is cursor theme I made to match midnight moonlight enlightenment. Size: ####### 32x32. Installation: ============= copy Moonlight to ~/.themes directory cp -a Moonlight ~/.themes Support: ======== You can support me by buying me a...
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2 days ago

satania cursor 1

Cursors by wewlad
satania cursors Optimized for Windows, supposedly works in Linux 32x32 RGB/A (alpha channel) 64x64 RGB/A (alpha channel) 72x72 RGB/A (alpha channel) 96x96 RGB/A (alpha channel) 128x128 RGB/A (alpha channel) (In another word, you can resize it as big as you want in the settings) How to install...
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Dec 06 2019

Bibata v 0.4.2.alpha.2

Cursors by Kaiz
Bibata CursorMaterial based cursor themeInstallationWindow installation 1. Get the lastest stable/dev-version Windows release from the on the github page. 2. Open the settings app 3. Go to Devices -> Mouse -> Additional Mouse Options 4. Go to the pointers...
Score 88.2%
Dec 01 2019

X11 Default Black Cursor Set 0.666

Cursors by i11uxa
Default Xorg cursor set, with few little changes — "hand" cursor (it's visible when clicking links) is also in black color now and "watch" cursor is visible as animated colored ball (it was tacken from "Shere Khan X" cursor theme).
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Score 60.0%
Nov 28 2019

Retrosmart X11 cursors 2.0

Cursors by mdomlop
Retrosmart is a X11 cursor theme created for personal use. Inspired by old Windows 3.x and OS X cursors, Retrosmart brings an old school feel to your wobbly-windowed desktop of today. It is available in white or black version, with or without alpha shading.
Score 67.1%
Nov 25 2019

Hackneyed 0.7.4

Cursors by Imarcescivel
Windows 3.x-inspired cursor theme with hourglasses. The sands of time are running out for you, bro.
Score 86.1%
Nov 13 2019


Cursors by brk95
DMZ-MAC-WHITE theme based on DMZ-white and OSX El Capitan cursor themes.
Score 46.0%
Nov 07 2019

Quintom Cursors 3.0

Cursors by burning-cube
A cursor theme designed to look decent. ## Installing & Using ================ You can install Quintom by copying the Quintom_Ink or Quintom_Snow folder to your icons folder. To install the cursor theme, extract the downloaded .tar.gz file, then simply copy the extracted folder to your...
Score 79.1%
Oct 23 2019

BMZ cursor 1.10

Cursors by herrbatka
Mouse cursor for your X11 desktop. Inspiration was drawn from various sources, including DMZ and Breeze, but design manages to be quite unique. Unlike Breeze, it is high contrast theme.
Score 80.0%
Oct 18 2019

FFXI Chocobo Cursor 1.0

Cursors by astroneko404
A cursor theme of the cute chocobo from FFXI POL This is a migration of the Windows cursor theme (https://www.deviantart.com/bastetisia/art/FFXI-Chocobo-Cursor-Full-Set-Free-DOWNLOAD-490337460), what I did is just a Ubuntu adaptation. Notes: Since it is my first time to make a cursor theme for...
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Score 60.0%
Sep 27 2019